Abhinay  (An Enactment)
22 mins - Fiction
Writer - Director - Cinematographer - Editor - Sound Designer
The story revolves around a young protagonist who is disillusioned by his life, and is trying to
figure out a purpose that would define his existence. In this quest, he stumbles onto questions
about his own being, and ultimately leads him to the most important question; 

What if he's not real but a figment of someone's imagination?

On the other hand, the creator of the film is dealing with his own questions; When does any
form or medium of art stop being a creation of just the artist and starts creating itself?
Somewhere, does the artist (or the creator) stop doing and start observing as the Art takes up a
mind of its own? Can you attain absolution through a work of art?
The film revolves around the relationship between the Creator and the Character, and how a
film becomes bigger than the both of them.

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