Director - concept - Editor - colour

Martbaan is a tale of love, trust and respect. A contrasting and refreshing retake on what we generally endorse as happy endings. It illustrates a story about two people who meet each other at an adventure tourism spot. And as they set out to explore the locations, they find themselves spending more time together and encouraging each other to try out new things. The days fly past in a myriad of emotions and memories. But as their trip comes to an end, their time together does too. And so they part ways, their hearts heavy with loss yet fulfilled, with the love they have for each other. But as fate would have it, they meet again. As an Artist, he is there to perform his new song about their relationship; coincidentally she is now in a relationship with someone else. This may seem tragic, however the artist is content to see her happy. That night among the many people present, he performs the song for her, and to what they had felt, which seemed eternal, acknowledging not what they lost, but what they had gained as they brought out the best in one another.
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